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Bio-Based Materials from Organic Waste

Following the principles of INNOVATION, CIRCULAR ECONOMY and SUSTAINABILITY, we produce innovative bio-products through a patented process, to give new life to dangerous waste and to replace fossil-based materials.

Used Cooked Oils (UCO) could be very dangerous waste when it's not collected properly.

When thrown down the sink or toilet, a single liter of UCO can pollute up to 1 million liters of fresh water.

In Europe, 4 Million tons of UCO are produced yearly and only 5% are collected

Thanks to our process, REWOW can convert used cooked oils into innovative materials.

By converting UCO into new bio based materials we address a major environmental issue of our times.

The produced bio based materials will be applicable in different markets including shopping bags, 3D printing, prosthesis, textiles and cosmetics!

In line with Agenda 2030 of the United Nations for...

Created by Theodosis Evgenikos
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